The biodiversity section of the CHM provides an overview of Comoros' biodiversity, conservation information, and the actors and institutions involved as well as other sources of information.

Protected areas

The conservation of the rich biodiversity is not limited to in-situ conservation in reserves, national parks or sanctuaries, but also by other means. Community participation has thus become a reality in the world of conservation. For now, the Comoros have set up a first protected area on the island of Mohéli in co-management with local communities. The Mohéli Marine Park was among the 27 finalists of the Equator Initiative . It is also in the island of Moheli that there is a Ramsar site, Lake Boundoni . 

Five other areas have been identified for the creation of other protected areas. These are the Karthala massif and the marine area of ​​​​the coelacanth in Ngazidja, Mount Ntringui and the Bimbini peninsula in Ndzuwani and the watershed of the area south of Mwali

Fauna and flora

The Comoros has a diverse fauna and flora in the region and this biodiversity is very important in the daily life of the rural population. It derives many of the services from biodiversity. But much remains to be done to improve knowledge of this biodiversity.


Ministries and institutions involved in biodiversity conservation are mentioned. Later there will be a proposal section of projects/research that are in progress.


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