A few months ago was held in the conference room of the Faculty of Science, a training course on the operation of the Comoros Biodiversity Information Exchange Center, called in English -Clearing House Mechanism- under the acronym CHM . Concerned URL
Number 13 of the Bulletin "Mavuna" The Bulletin contains a file on the revival of the vanilla sector. Vanilla is one of Comoros' leading export products. As usual, he provided an update on the Ministry's activities. Release date 23/10/2016 Contributor Hachime Abderemane
Grouper moon fish. Photo by Jim Hellem
The selling, exporting and consumption of beche-de-mer, undersized fish, kawakawa and donu (grouper) will stop from next year between June and September.
Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey, Taronga Conservation Society Australia, The National Trust of Fiji and NatureFiji-MareqetiViti have discovered a new species of banded iguana The new species of lizard, Brachylophus gau, is one of only four living species of South Pacific iguana, and is…
Out of the 167 freshwater Key Biodiversity Areas identified, mapped and validated throughout the Mediterranean region, 75 percent were found outside the boundaries of any pre-existing protected areas or other KBAs, according to the main results of an IUCN assessment revealed today at the IUCN World…