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Island of Mohéli – the Marine Park of Mohéli

This first marine protected area created in the Comoros in 2001 includes the islets of Nioumachoua. These form a magnificent ensemble on the ecological level but also on the aesthetic level and therefore have a very significant scientific and recreational potential. Important place of frequentation and reproduction of migratory species threatened with extinction such as sea turtles, the park area is home to different types of habitats: beaches of coral sand, sand of volcanic origin, pebbles; mangroves; large islands of terrestrial vegetation; fringing-type coral reefs. These ecosystems have been subjected to various pressures: overexploitation of fishery resources, illegal harvesting of sea turtles, deforestation and soil erosion, sand extraction and uncontrolled tourism. The park incorporates adjacent terrestrial areas that are essential for the integrity of the area's biodiversity, including Lake Dziani-Boundouni. This crater lake has been classified as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention due to the high diversity of waterfowl, including a large population of Tachybaptus ruficollis grebes. The development of agriculture led to the destruction of the forest that covered the catchment area of ​​the lake. This forest is the habitat of several endangered species including the Mongoz lemur (Eulemur mongoz). The erosion of the slopes and the loss of water retention capacity of the soil considerably reduces the supply of the lake, gradually leading to its drying out. Moreover,