Mount Mlédjélé area

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Island of Mohéli – the forest of Mlédjélé

This tropical evergreen humid forest, of the same type as that found on Karthala, is located on the central ridge of Mlédjélé towards the west of the island and its slopes facing south. There is a low forest dominated by large trees on the ridges and a multi-layered forest dominated by large trees on the slopes, within which are found rare species of precious woods such as Weinmania comorensis and Khaya comorensis. This forest is classified as an Area of ​​Global Importance for Bird Conservation (Safford, 2001). It is home to endemic and endangered species such as Livingstone's flying fox (Pteropus livingstonii), the lemur Eulemur mongoz, two species of birds endemic to the island of Moheli, the Moheli scops-owl (Otus moheliensis) and the Moheli Warbler (Nesillas mariae),